Hillsboro High IB and AP Visual Arts

Grand Prize Winner of  the EcoVelo “Why I Ride” Photo Contest

VISUAL ARTicles is pleased for and proud of Mitchell’s success. EcoVelo regards this year’s contest to be one of their best.  EcoVelo writes, “The quality and quantity of the nearly 300 photos and accompanying essays went well beyond our expectations.”  They go on to say, “Our Grand Prize winner, Mitchell Connell, is a bike commuter and student at Hillsboro High School in Nashville, Tennessee.  The camaraderie, nostalgia, and longing for the open road expressed in his photo, as well as his story about pragmatism and persistence, spoke powerfully to a number of the judges.”    Click here for EcoVelo

Featured Artist: Mitchell Connell ©2010 - Digital photograph - CLICK image to enlarge


My twin, Spencer, and I have grown up in a family full of ambition but lacking in commitment. The house that surrounds us is perpetually in a state of incompleteness with floorboards missing and exposed drywall, but through this we have developed both pragmatism and an enamorment for the completion of our goals.

Last summer we rode (with my best friend, Robert Fischman) from our hometown, Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi. After 462 miles and 9 days of leg throbbing persistence we arrived at our most exacting goal yet. This is a photograph of Spencer and Robert less than a mile from the end of the Natchez Trace.

To see more of MITCHELL’s photography CLICK HERE.


Comments on: "Congratulations! MITCHELL CONNELL" (2)

  1. johnson eames said:

    Great work. I’m interested to see more of Mitchell’s work as it’s released on the blog.

  2. Kate Richardson said:

    This story was really inspiring and I love the photo! Congratulations Mitchell!

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